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How to contact Baqueira Beret services?


How to contact Baqueira Beret services?

Due to the exceptional situation, to manage all the queries related to the closure of the Ski Resort and contracted services will be carried out exclusively through email.

Baqueira Beret services that you can contact:

1.Booking made through Viajes Baqueira Beret
Viajes Baqueira Beret agency is working to manage the cancellation of all reservations. These will be done in order of entry date, when yours is managed you will receive an email informing you of the cancellation of your reservation.

If you have any other questions regarding the services offered by Viajes Baqueira, you should contact viajes@baqueira.es

2.Forfaits / BaqueiraPASS
For inquiries related to your BaqueiraPASS and / or purchase of ski passes you must contact forfaits@baqueira.es

3.Services Ski Service
If your material is in one of our stores, either under repair and / or in a locker, it will remain stored in optimal conditions until you can access its collection. When we resume the services and it is possible to collect the material, we will communicate it through our website, social networks and sending mail.

If you have any other questions regarding the services offered by Ski Service you should contact skiservice@baqueira.es

4. Hotel Montarto / Apartarent
For inquiries related to the Hotel Montarto or Apartarent contact montarto@baqueira.es

5. Administration
If you have any administrative and / or billing questions, you should contact administracion@baqueira.es

For any other query not related to the aforementioned services, you can contact baqueira@baqueira.es

  • Day
    18/01/22 2:30
  • Altitude
  • Temperature
    Minimum: 3.8ºC Current: 3.9ºC Maximum : 4.3ºC
  • Humidity
  • Barometer

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