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Baqueira Beret is committed to technology and improvements in snow production


Baqueira Beret is committed to technology and improvements in snow production

Commitment to technology, rewarding loyalty by maintaining the prices of ski passes, improvements in snow production and the introduction of Covid-19 prevention measures to maximise the safety of skiers are the main new features at Baqueira Beret for the 2020-21 season.

Our key improvements for the season

Baqueira Beret is firmly committed to technology in times of pandemic. In the 20-21 season, new features focus on improving customers' online experience yet again, from booking their snow holidays to the last day they spend skiing or snowboarding. This step forward in digital services allows better compliance with Covid-19 protocols, as it reduces the need for customers to visit the resort's sales points.

These new developments include improvements to the BaqueiraPASS and the new BaqueiraTICKET, maintaining last winter's prices for passes, producing more snow more efficiently, an interactive 3D map of ski runs, online check-in for SkiService, the cafeteria order delivery service using QR codes and the implementation of Covid-19 safety and protection measures.


BaqueiraPASS and BaqueiraTICKET

The 20/21 season at Baqueira Beret offers customers three options for ski passes: in addition to the usual sale via ticket offices, the BaqueiraPASS and the BaqueiraTICKET can be bought online, with exclusive services as part of the APP. Both are available as a forfait type pass and once you have them you do not need to go through a sales point again throughout the winter, with the convenience this implies. Both can be purchased from www.baqueira.es and via the resort's renewed app.

BaqueiraPASS is much more than a pass: as well as the convenience of ordering it online, users have the advantage of receiving it directly at their home address. It is nominal, providing numerous advantages and remaining valid for 3 seasons. It can be topped up each season online or you can pay for 1 to 7 days of skiing with a discount on the normal price.

The BaqueiraTICKET can be collected from the ticket offices at the resort and associated establishments in the Val d'Aran and Valls d'Àneu. It can be recharged online for 1 to 7 days and is valid for a year. It is very practical for families and groups of friends, because now, using the App with the built-in QR reader, several BaqueiraTICKET passes can be topped up by just one person in a single operation.


Digital catering

The delivery service is offered exclusively in the cafeterias. The QR code on the table will enable you to place your order and pay for it by card. The order is served directly to the kitchen via the online app and will finally be brought to your table by the waiter. There is thus no need for you to get up and go to the point of sale. There will also be a direct takeaway food sales service. The customer will go to the designated counter, place the order and take the food away.


3D Map of Baqueira

The resort is launching a 3D map of Baqueira Beret, with the ski lifts, ski slopes and points of interest updated instantly through the ski run manager. This map allows skiers to be geolocated and routes and services can be filtered according to the needs of skiers and snowboarders. It is active on the APP and on the Baqueira website and BaqueiraPASS holders can view the day's runs using the Ski Track facility. You can visit it at: https://www.baqueira.es/estacion/mapa-pistas/#mapa3D 


Improved snow production in Beret

This season our ability to produce snow in Beret has increased, thanks to the new water reservoir, which has a capacity of 187,500m3 of water and a surface area of 27,400m2, ending in a pebble beach. Technical features are controlled from a semi-buried 493m2 machinery room equipped with six pumps able to process 1,140m3 of water per hour at a pressure of 61 bars.

The number of snow cannons in the Clot der Os learners' area in Beret has also been increased by 16, taking the total for the resort from 710 to 726.


SkiService is digitalized

This season the winter sports shops owned by the resort, which offer the latest ski and snowboard equipment, have become fully digital with cutting-edge management systems. They aim to improve the quality of customer service thanks to the new online check-in booking system for equipment, which speeds up procedures. Customers will find everything ready and only have to check that the size requested is theirs. In this way, collection is quicker and shops do not become crowded. 


A number of measures have been introduced in this service, most notably a reduction in the capacity of the premises and the aforementioned online check-in equipment booking system. Revised and more rigorous cleaning plans are in force to disinfect work equipment and ski storage cabinets with each change of user, rental material is disinfected after use, and privately owned equipment left for repair in the workshop is also disinfected.


Prices are unchanged 

Baqueira Beret is keeping prices in all ski pass categories unchanged to thank customers for their loyalty. The daily rate is €54.50 for adults and €36 for children.

More information: http://baqueira.es/estacion/forfaits-baqueirapass / 



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