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    19.01.19 15:50
  • Weather
    -2o C
  • Snow
    35-65 cm
  • KM Slopes
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  • Avalanche
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19.01.19, 15:50

New Funpark , a circuit crammed with surprises

New Funpark , a circuit crammed with surprises


The Val d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu ski resort opened its Funpark for the first time at Christmas. It consists of a route for children, families and beginners’ groups on which they can interact with decorative items such as monsters and giant flowers as well as reproductions of animals widely found in this area of the Pyrenees.

Once again the Baqueira Beret ski resort is innovating in fun activities this season so that younger skiers and snowboarders and their families can enjoy the snow a little more.

The big new feature is the Funpark in Beret next to the Clot Der Os beginners’ chairlift. The youngest (and not so young) skiers will enjoy 1,750 m of runs on a route dotted with entertaining items. The circuit is chock-full of “monsters” and reproductions of Val d’Aran animals, some of which make realistic sounds that are bound to give some people a bit of a surprise. In addition large rubber flowers have sprung up along the run which mean young skiers will have a great time as they go round and zip between them.

The important thing about the Funpark is not speed. The first part features easy slopes where the big flowers have been placed while when the route goes into the forest it is the turn of local fauna to take centre stage. There are a total of 11 figures including a wide variety of animals: marmots, owls, deer, wolves, foxes, chamois and wood grouse. Visitors to the circuit will be able to interact with the rubber figures and they will also have to find the animals hiding among the trees. Guaranteed fun!

Funpark video https://www.dropbox.com/s/owejxp6ozbwe497/FunPark.mov?dl=0

Children’s parks at Baqueira

And if the youngest of the family are not yet old enough to strap on skis, there are a total of four children’s parks in the three areas of Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua. The children’s parks at Baqueira 1500 and 1800, the park at Beret and the one at Bonaigua.

The first is at the foot of the runs at level 1500 between the Montarto Hotel and the car park. The Park is for all children aged between 3 months and 2½ years. It features a care service personalised to the needs of each child. The Park at Baqueira 1800 is superbly located next to the gondola lift and the Bosque express chairlift. The Park is for children not wearing nappies aged from 2½ years up to 6½ years. All children can start out in skiing inside the Park’s facilities naturally and without pressure (ski equipment included). Combinations of ski lessons and stay in the Children’s Park are available.

The third snow park is in the Beret area. It welcomes all children from the age of 2 whether or not they wear nappies. Here the little ones can start skiing inside the enclosure in a fun and entertaining way.

And finally young kids can also have fun at Bonaigua in the park next to the car park at the foot of the runs. It is for children over 2½ who don’t wear a nappy.


World Snow Day Baqueira Beret

To mark World Snow Day sponsored by the FIS, Baqueira Beret is running a very special promotion for anyone who wants to start out in Alpine skiing.

It will be in the Beret area and only for people who have never put on skis before on two weekends in January 2018: the 13th and 14th or the 20th and 21st.

For beginners, adults and children. Promotion only in the Beret area that includes:

- Ski lessons with Era Escòla in groups of 8-10 people, 2 days from 11 am to 1 pm.

- Equipment hire, 2 days (skis, sticks and boots).

- Lunch on the slopes, 2 days.

- On the first day the classes are taught at Pla de Beret using the beginners’ conveyor belt, while the second day includes a ski pass to use the beginners’ lifts if the instructor thinks the group is ready to handle it.

Total cost – €82.

If you are a skier and sign up a friend for this special promotion, the one-day ski pass will also be at a very special price: €25.75

Information and bookings: carme.aliu@baqueira.es / 973 639 044


On 13-14 January the first race will be held in the Masters’ Spanish Cup season as part of the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation calendar which is organised by the CAEI for skiers aged 30 and over. A giant slalom on Saturday and a slalom on Sunday for licensed senior skiers and also for skiers without a licence and in the OPEN category. There will be a village with entertainment at the finish line courtesy of AC Hotels. To sign up for the event: inscripciones@caei.es / 973 642 057

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