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22/10/18 13:00
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    22/10/18 13:00
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Rental Equipment

New for the Winter Season 2018 - 2019

We have two new incorporations in our workshop from WINTESTEIGER.

An automatic loading machine for 8 pairs of skis, with oscillating grinding stone for structuring edges and with a wide range of finishes such as ceramic disc finish and polishing module.

A waxing machine regularly used at the World Cup. It can penetrate the wax deeper into the base of the ski using infrared radiation which means that the wax lasts longer and the skis can glide over a longer distance.

At Baqueira Beret you can hire all kinds of the latest ski or snowboard equipment. And if you have problems with your equipment, we have a team of professionals ready to help you and get you back on the slopes as soon as possible.

In different areas of the station and at the foot of the slopes there are lockers where you can keep your ski equipment. You can also find ski accessories and even souvenirs to remind you of you stayi.

Your ski equipment can be checked for free at our "Atención al material" offices, where you can also get advice on how to mantain all your equipment in good condition to guarantee your safetyy.

Baqueira Village 1500

Located below the Baqueira offices at the foot of the Bosque chairlift.
Ski, snowboard and telemark hire. Ski locker-room. Sales of accessories. Ski repairs. Ski equipment service.

Hotel Montarto (village 1500)

Ski and snowboard hire. Sales of accessories. Repair. Ski equipment service.

Ruda 1500 Village

Ski snowboard, snowshoes and sledge hire; ski lockers. Baqueira Store, for ski accessories. Repair workshop. Material service and care.

Beret Village 1850

Located at the foot of the slopes, next to the Audeth café.
Hire of downhill, cross-country skis, snowboards, montain skis, children's sledges and snow shoes. Repairs service. Ski locker room facilities. Lockers. Sales of accessories. Ski equipment service.

Bosque Village 1800

Located next to the Bosque café.
Ski cloakroom facilities and shop.

Bonaigua Village 2072

Located in the Bonaigua services village.
Ski and snowboard hire. Snow shoes. Ski cloakroom facilities. Ski repairs. Sales of accessories. Ski equipment service.

Rates in Euros

Adult equipment / day 24,50
Adult equipment / week 100,00
Children's equipment / day 15,50
Children's equipment / week 63,50
Top of the range equipment / day 38,00
Top of the range equipment / week 165,00
Snowboard/Telemark/Snowblade equipment - day 24,50
Snowboard/Telemark/Snowblade equipment - week 100,00
Mountain Equipment / day 38,00
Cross-country Equipment / day 18,00
Cross-country Equipment / week 73,50
Snowboard / day 22,00
Snowboard / week 90,50
Children's skis/ day 11,50
Children's skis/ week 48,00
Adult skis / day 22,00
Adult skis / week 90,50
Top of the range skis / day 33,50
Top of the range skis / week 150,00
Helmet / day 4,50
Helmet / week 19,50
Boots / day 12,00
Boots / week 51,00
Snowshoes / day 13,00
Sledges 6,50
Equipment Room / day 4,50
Equipment Room / week 20,00
Locker (3 sets) / day 13,50
Locker (3 sets) / week 60,00
  • Ski equipment consists of: skis, boots and sticks.
  • Snowboard equipment consists of: snowboard and boots.
  • Children's skis are marked with the letter N on the skis.

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