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BaqueiraPASS & Accommodation

Ski passes Baqueira Beret


At Baqueira Beret we offer the following categories of ski passes:

BaqueiraTICKET and BaqueiraPASSS

BaqueiraPASS BaqueiraTICKET
How long for Season recharge
Recharge of days
Days recharge
On sale where Order online, delivered to your address Information points and resort outlets, hotels, tourist offices, etc
Card type Personal
valid for minimum 3 seasons
NOT personal, reusable in the same season
Rate Rate with discount on general rate General
Rechargeable* Online Online
* Rechargeable online via Baqueira Beret app or the web

Conditions of special rates

BaqueiraPASS BaqueiraTICKET Information points
Senior Special born before 1951 (year included) YES NO YES
Infant Special born in 2016 onwards (year included) YES NO YES
Spectator Special NO NO YES
Afternoon Special NO NO YES
Beret Beginner Special NO NO YES

Special purchases: Ski Resort Ticket Offices

Ticket office location

In Baqueira 1500

Ruda ticket office
1500 ticket office

In Baqueira 1700

Tanau ticket office

In Pla de Beret

Orri ticket office
Beret ticket office

In Bonaigua

Bonaigua ticket office
1900 Peülla ticket office

More info BaqueiraPASS More info BaqueiraTICKET

Day ski pass rates

Price comparison of BaqueiraPASS day(s) recharge

Consecutive days General Adult General Children
Born between 2010 and 2015
BaqueiraPASS BaqueiraTICKET
Information points
BaqueiraPASS BaqueiraTICKET
Information points
1 day 53 € 56 € 35 € 37 €
2 days 98,5 € 104 € 60,5 € 64 €
3 days 146 € 154 € 90,5 € 96 €
4 days 186 € 196,5 € 116 € 123 €
5 days 223,5 € 236,5 € 141,5 € 149,5 €
6 days 257 € 271,5 € 164 € 173,5 €
7 days 278,5 € 294 € 174,5 € 184 €

Specials price/ day

Information points BaqueiraPASS
Spectator Special 18 € -
Beret Adult Beginner Special 22,5 € -
Beret Child Beginner Special 15 € -
Afternoon Special* 40 € -
Senior Special born before 1951 (year included) 6 € 6 €
Infant Special born in 2016 onwards (year included) 6 € 6 €
Accident insurance NOT included
* Afternoon passes on sale from 1.30pm

Ticket office opening times at the Resort

Every day
From 8.45 am to 4 pm
Ski passes for the following day are available for purchase from 3.30 pm.

Opening times are extended the day before a public holiday. Days which have a special timetable will be notified on Baqueira’s website and social media.

Purchase use ticket office and BaqueiraTICKET ski pass


  1. The BaqueiraTICKET is a non-named ticket to top up passes for one or more consecutive days, which can be used repeatedly throughout the season for general adult and child rate top-ups. (See pricing terms at www. baqueira.es. Make sure you use the appropriate ticket for the price: Use of a Child BaqueiraTICKET will require proof of age with presentation of a National ID, passport or official document proving age. (This proof may be requested by Baqueira staff during the day or days when they use the BaqueiraTICKET).
  2. The BaqueiraTICKET IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the special SENIOR, BABY, BEGINNER, VISITOR AND AFTERNOON rates. To take advantage of these special rates, you must visit the Resort booths. (More information at www.baqueira.es).
  3. Once topped up, the BaqueiraTICKET is a valid transport ticket for accessing the Resort facilities that are open on the purchased days. To access the ski lifts, you must have a legitimate and valid pass (transport ticket). If scanned using RFID technology, you might be asked to show it to Resort staff at any time. To avoid interference and remote scanning issues, you should not carry it next to your mobile phone, and you should not carry more than one BaqueiraTICKET at once.
  4. The following terms will govern their purchase and use: so it is important that you read and accept them before purchasing or topping up. Purchase or top-up implies consent by the buyer and third parties for whom the buyer acquires the pass, particularly children.
  5. On an exceptional basis this season, due to measures adopted to combat COVID-19, and due to capacity limits which will be applied, we recommend purchasing as soon as possible to guarantee access to the Resort on your preferred days. You can see availability for each day on our website. (Important: See refund policy)
  6. Holding a BaqueiraTICKET does NOT guarantee priority for top-ups with regards to other users or products. Top-up rejection will NOT entitle the holder to any compensation.
  7. If capacity is limited due to weather, technical, organisational reasons or any other reason, the resort will determine the terms and conditions of access to the Resort. It can refuse access, in which case it will be exchanged for a pass of equivalent length for the days when you were not allowed to ski, which will be valid for this or the next season. (subject to availability).
    If capacity is reduced during a skiing day for sudden operational reasons leading to a restriction on initial capacity, refused access to the ski lifts will not result in any refund or exchange.
    In order to avoid queues and crowds at the Resort's ticket booths, we ask that you prioritise DIGITAL pass options, opting for the "online top-up" method for the BaqueiraTICKET.
    • BaqueiraTICKET ONLINE TOP-UP: You will need the physical BaqueiraTICKET, which can be collected for free from booths and information points in the Resort, as well as hotels in the two Valleys (Val d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu) and other partners. The top-up can be added from any device with an internet connection (app, QR scanner on smartphone or Baqueira website). The top-up can be added up to 5 minutes before accessing the ski lifts. You can top up for several different dates in advance. Please note that the rates for 2 to 7 days will only apply when topping up for CONSECUTIVE DAYS from the first day.
    • IN PERSON (BOOTHS): A BaqueiraTICKET may be purchased in person at the Resort's open booths, by requesting the desired days (from 1 to 7 days, ALWAYS CONSECUTIVE). (you can check prices at www.baqueira.es/estacion/forfaits/forfaits-modalidades-tarifas/). A BaqueiraTICKET purchased at the booths can be reused for future online top-ups of ski days without having to go back to the booths.
    Please note that for top-ups for consecutive days, if one of the desired days is not available because capacity has been reached, you must purchase the remaining days separately. Example: if you want to top up 7 days and the third day is not available, you can purchase a 2-day pass (2-day price) and a 4-day pass (4-day price). The 6-day rate will not apply as they are not consecutive.
  9. For online top-ups, the invoice corresponding to the top-up will be sent to the email address provided by you during the top-up process. If you lose the BaqueiraTICKET, you must provide evidence of the purchase from your bank, along with the purchase invoice.
    If you purchase at the ticket booth, the invoice will be given to you with the BaqueiraTICKET.
  10. The pass is personal and non-transferable. Misuse of a BaqueiraTICKET, fraud or resale or free transfer to a third party will result in immediate withdrawal and cancellation, and double the booth price for a daily pass must be paid, without prejudice to any subsequent legal proceedings. Only a BaqueiraTICKET purchased or topped-up through official channels will be valid. DO NOT PURCHASE PASSES FROM THIRD PARTIES.
  11. The top-up price includes VAT and SOV (compulsory travellers’ insurance) as it is a transport ticket.
  12. The price of the BaqueiraTICKET top-up includes slope assistance from Resort staff and transfer to the Resort's base. Please note that the BaqueiraTICKET DOES NOT INCLUDE SKIING ACCIDENT INSURANCE, which may be acquired when purchasing or topping up the ticket. Once the purchase process is complete, it is not possible to then add insurance.
    This medical insurance includes limited medical care at the Baqueira 1500 Medical Centre, which is private and external to the Resort. We recommend you check the Accident Insurance's coverage and exclusions when purchasing and at www.baqueira.es/pdf/seguros/seguro2021-en.pdf.
    One guarantee covered by the optional skiing insurance offered by our Resort is a refund for days not used (the day of the accident will not be refunded under any circumstances). You will need to send a request to the email address forfaits@baqueira.es, with the subject "refund for skiing accident insurance", attaching the medical report, the BaqueiraTICKET and the corresponding top-up invoice, or in person during public opening hours at the Baqueira or Ruda booths.
  13. The purchase and use of the BaqueiraTICKET with a daily top-up requires the holder to read and accept the applicable regulations in force regarding cable transport (Law 12/2002 of 14 June, regarding Catalonia cable transport, and related Decree 152/2010 (specifically article 51), as well as the Rules of Use for ski lifts and slopes approved by the Catalonia Government's Transport Department dated 10 November 1987), the ATUDEM regulation and its appendices (particularly the FIS Regulations), and the specific terms and conditions established by Baqueira Beret. Users must always act in accordance with these regulations and terms and conditions, and particularly the instructions given by Resort staff. Ensure that children for which you are responsible read, understand and act in accordance with these regulations and guidelines.
  14. Before using our facilities, please ensure that you have the knowledge and physical ability required to use them safely, for you and others. Learn about the different types of ski lift and how they are used. Observe staff instructions at the facilities and read the information signs.
  15. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult


In the current context of reduced capacity as a result of COVID-19 measures, the purchase of a top-up entails the reservation of a place for that day, reducing the number of places available for sale. For this reason, once purchased, top-ups are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

The number of facilities, areas or zones open at the resort may vary throughout the day of skiing and from day to day throughout the season due to different technical, organisational, economic and sanitary factors, force majeure, and especially due to meteorological factors such as wind, etc. Partial closure of the resort, or its late opening, will not generate any right of reimbursement, exchange or a reduction in the price of the pass. Top-ups for more than one consecutive day are cheaper than single day top-ups, but are more exposed to possible variations in resort conditions (weather, number of open facilities, etc.). Guests are advised to assess which option best suits their preferences.

In cases where partial closure of facilities, whether initial or supervening, entails a significant reduction in the capacity of the resort, access to BaqueiraPASS lifts may be refused or limited without this generating any right to reimbursement, exchange or a reduction of the price of the pass.

Only in the event of full closure of the Resort as a result of COVID-19, top-ups for the days affected will be refunded (*)

ACCIDENT INSURANCE - CALCULATION OF REFUNDS. Refunds for pass days not used by affected people with insurance taken out through our website along with the top-up will be calculated by deducting the booth price corresponding to the number of days used from the amount paid.

For example, if a general adult 7-days pass (286 euros) is acquired, and the accident occurs on the third day of skiing, a top-up of 3 days (150 euros) will be understood as the remaining purchase, meaning the amount to be refunded, if insured, will be 136 euros. Under no circumstances will the price of the insurance be refunded. ((*) The same calculation system will be used in cases of refund for the total closure of the resort due to COVID-19)


Insurance ticket office and BaqueiraTICKET

ACCIDENT INSURANCE on the slopes IS NOT INCLUDED when you recharge your BaqueiraPASS. You can purchase insurance when you recharge your pass. Once you have finalised the transaction for your recharge, it is no longer possible to purchase insurance.

See insurance covers

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