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BaqueiraPASS & Accommodation

FAQs and suggestions

SKI PASSES: BaqueiraPASS and BaqueiraTICKET
  1. How can I get my SKI PASS?

    This year all ski passes must be purchased online. To do so, you must have one of two cards, the BaqueiraPASS or BaqueiraTICKET, and recharge online the ski passes for the days you want to ski.

  2. Which card is the right one for me?

    BaqueiraPASS: For frequent skiers in Baqueira or for those who plan their visit one week in advance.

    This card is for regular clients who plan their visit to the resort sufficiently in advance so that the card can be processed and delivered. The BaqueiraPASS is ordered online and sent to the client’s home, which means that the client can recharge the card at any time. Once the card is recharged, access to the resort on the day(s) purchased is guaranteed.

    • Personalised card
    • Ordered online and sent to your home within approximately 3 working days.
    • Handling cost: €10
    • Valid for 3 seasons
    • Rechargeable for days WITH DISCOUNT on general rates (see Rates)
    • Types of ski passes available: Adult and Child General / Special Infant and Senior
    • Access to exclusive services in the Baqueira app.

    + BaqueiraPASS information

    BaqueiraTICKET: For occasional skiers or for immediate access

    This card is for occasional clients, and there is no need to order the card for the BaqueiraTICKET ski pass in advance. Access to the resort is not guaranteed until the ski pass is recharged.

    • Non-personalised card
    • Collected in person at one of the collaborating points.
      • Aran Valley and Àneu Valleys: resort’s ticket offices, hotels, tourist offices, ski schools, ski equipment hire, repair and sales outlets.
      • Baqueira offices: Madrid, Barcelona and Toulouse
    • Valid for 1 season
    • Rechargeable by days at general rate WITHOUT DISCOUNT.
    • Types of ski passes available: Adult and Child General.

    + BaqueiraTICKET information

  3. Which ski pass should I purchase if I am already at my destination or I don’t have time to process the BaqueiraPASS at home?

    If you are already in the Aran Valley or the Àneu Valleys and do not yet have your ski pass, you can acquire a BaqueiraTICKET card from the resort’s ticket offices, hotels, tourist offices, ski schools, and ski equipment hire, repair and sales outlets.

    Should you be unable to acquire the card in due time, you can get a BaqueiraTICKET at the Resort’s ticket offices which you can recharge before taking the ski lifts.

    Once you have acquired the card, you can recharge it online using your mobile phone, the Baqueira app or website. We remind you that there is LIMITED CAPACITY, so we recommend that you recharge it as soon as you can in order to guarantee your access to the Resort.

  4. How do I check the available capacity if I don’t have a card?

    You can check the capacity status by consulting the calendar on our website, where each day is marked in a colour that indicates available capacity, (low occupancy, high occupancy, very high occupancy, sales closed), so that you can plan your visit with more peace of mind.

  5. How can I acquire a day ski pass at a special rate? (Infant, Senior, Access only, Afternoon and Beret-Beginner)

    The ski passes with special rates: Access only, Afternoon and Beret Beginner can only be purchased in person from the Resort’s ticket offices.

    The Infant and Senior ski passes with special rates can be purchased either directly at the Resort’s ticket offices or by using the BaqueiraPASS recharge method.

    The BaqueiraTICKET card can only be recharged for Adult and Child ski passes at general rates.

    See rates

  6. Once I have recharged the BaqueiraPASS or BaqueiraTICKET, am I guaranteed access to the slopes?

    Yes, once payment has been made, on either card, your ski pass is ready to be used on the days purchased.

    Once the purchase of the recharge is confirmed, your place is also confirmed, and deducted from the available capacity. For this reason, no refunds or changes can be made.

  7. Does the ski pass recharge include accident insurance coverage?

    The price of the BaqueiraPASS and BaqueiraTICKET recharge does NOT include ski insurance coverage, although this can be purchased when you recharge your ski pass. Once the recharge operation has been finalised, you can no longer purchase insurance for that pass.

  8. Is there a special ski pass for beginners?

    Yes, at the Beret ticket offices you can purchase a ski pass at a special rate to ski exclusively in the beginner’s area in Beret. The pass is not valid for skiing on any other slopes at the Resort.

Special measures for COVID-19
  1. How can I book my holiday in Baqueira with full guarantee?

    Accommodation + ski pass bookings made through Viajes Baqueira Beret, the Resort’s official travel agency, are guaranteed access to the Resort and free cancellations of the entire booking for reasons related to COVID-19. In addition, BaqueiraPASS holders will be able to add the advantages of Viajes Baqueira to those of BaqueiraPASS, such as cheaper ski pass recharges as well as access to the app's exclusive services.

  2. What are the travel restrictions for getting to Baqueira Beret?

    You can consult mobility restrictions on the Catalan government’s website, where you will find the latest information on restrictions in detail.

    For more information: www.canalsalut.gencat.cat

  3. What health and safety measures must I follow in order to access the Resort and its services?

    You can consult all the health and safety measures that Baqueira Beret have adopted due to COVID-19 here on our website.

  1. Which part of the Resort is the most recommendable for families who are new to skiing?

    The best place to start is in the Beret area, which is where the beginners’ zone is located, at the foot of the car park, where you can purchase special ski passes for beginners at a reduced price. Beret has a centre with a full range of services suitable for the needs of the whole family (restaurants, cafés, terraces, ski equipment hire, children’s sleds, ski school, children’s nursery, beginners’ ski area with ski pass with reduction).

    *While MOST OF THE SKI LIFTS IN THE BERET AREA ARE IN OPERATION, as a result of the restrictive measures taken due to COVID-19, CERTAIN SERVICES WILL REMAIN CLOSED. We recommend that you check for any updates to the information on FACILITIES OPEN before accessing them.

  2. Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?

    No, but we strongly recommend that it is worn by everyone, especially children and under eighteens.

  3. What should I do on my first day skiing as a beginner?

    Make sure you wear suitable clothing and footwear according to the weather conditions. We recommend that you hire the equipment (skis, boots and sticks), and book skiing lessons, either in a group or individual, to familiarise yourself with skiing in a resort.

    Don’t forget to bring gloves, sunglasses, lip protection and sunscreen.

    Never ski alone.

  4. Are all the slopes and ski lifts the same?

    No, get to know the resort, the degree of difficulty of the slopes (determined by their colour on the slope map), and the ski lifts that give access to them. If you have any questions or need information, contact the ski professionals, the instructors, who will guide you and advise you on how to enjoy the sport safely and responsibly, which will make your stay a better experience.

    Before accessing the lifts and slopes, make sure you have enough knowledge and skill to carry out the activity safely for yourself and others.

    Never ski beyond your ability.

  5. Is it advisable to book ski lessons in advance??

    It is always best to book, especially at peak times. Ask for information about cancellation terms.

  6. Is there public transport to the Resort?

    There is public transport (Intervalle bus) in the Aran Valley, but not in the Pallars Sobirà. Check the website and pictographs, for hotels that provide private transport to the slopes.

  7. How can I get from the Baqueira 1500 car park to the slopes?

    There is a free transport service (gua-gua).

  8. Is there public transport from Baqueira to Beret?

    There is no public transport from Baqueira to Beret. The Intervalle public transport service only goes to Baqueira 1500.

  9. Which is the nearest international airport to Baqueira Beret?

    In France: Toulouse airport is 160 km away. In Spain: Lleida-Alguaire airport is 130 km away, Barcelona, 330 km and Zaragoza, 260 km.

  10. What times does the afternoon ski pass start?

    The afternoon ski pass starts at 1.30 pm.

  11. Is there an area reserved for motorhomes?

    No, the nearest campsite is in Arties, 7 km from Baqueira 1.500.


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