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Baqueira Beret will implement extensive measures against COVID-19 to ensure the safety and enjoyment of its visitors


Baqueira Beret will implement extensive measures against COVID-19 to ensure the safety and enjoyment of its visitors

The Val d'Aran and Valls d'Àneu resort is preparing to face the season safely, adapting to the new normal with measures that seek to guarantee the development of the activity and the enjoyment of winter sports fans throughout the season, in accordance with the indications of the health authorities.


Baqueira Beret, a safe destination

Winter sports take place outdoors, surrounded by nature, so it is a safe activity in itself. However, the resort has elaborated a facilities management plan to avoid congestion and to guarantee the prevention measures laid out in the safety protocols in common areas. 


To this end, it has trained its teams and adapted its facilities to the COVID-19 safety and disinfection protocols, in accordance with the recommendations of the corresponding authorities. The aim is to achieve operating conditions with minimum risk of infection in an outdoor activity, with protective measures, social distancing and minimum exposure time.


Ski and snowboard guarantee for season tickets

For everyone who purchases an annual season pass, resort managers offer the COVID-19 Guarantee, which ensures 15 days of skiing this winter for holders of the general BaqueiraPASS season pass. If it is not possible to ski due to the pandemic, either at origin or at destination, or if a limited capacity is imposed at the resort, holders can request a refund of the unused days up to the 15 days guaranteed.


Organisation and use of ski lifts

Most of the resort's lifts are chairlifts, drag lifts or conveyor belt lifts, where the customer experiences a constant flow of fresh, clean air. In the cable car, the windows allow for air renewal.

Baqueira Beret will scale up the waiting area and organise queues so that customers can keep a safe distance. The speed of the lifts will always be the maximum possible, according to weather conditions and the influx of people.


For going through control points, the BaqueiraPASS or BaqueiraTICKET must be located on the left sleeve of the jacket. All ski lifts will be able to go at 100% capacity, to avoid agglomerations at the base of the facility. The Baqueira cable car, as an enclosed but ventilated space, will be the only one with a capacity limited to a maximum of 6 people per cabin. The use of face masks will be compulsory in queues and ski lift journeys. The daily cleaning of ski lift vehicles is being reinforced with disinfection and hygiene products.

The resort will ensure minimum waiting times and maximum safety levels in lift occupation, always attending to the recommended sanitary protocols. The average chairlift ride is seven minutes, considerably shorter than most transportation activities, such as buses, subways, trains or aeroplanes. The chairlifts travel at a speed of between 2.5–5 metres per second, depending on the type, with a distance between vehicles of 15–30 metres.

Standard ski resort safety regulations require skiers to leave the lift landing area quickly once they have stepped off the lift. Once away from the chair, skiers and snowboarders have plenty of open spaces to move around.


Food and drink

QR codes will be placed on tables in the resort's bars, cafes and restaurants, so that customers can read menus on their phones. Online ordering will be encouraged, avoiding the need to go to the till, and orders will be served at the table. Seating will be arranged in accordance with regulations in force.

In the restaurants 5J Grill Baqueira, Moët Winter Lounge and Refugi San Miguel, there will be table service only, with prior booking and spread across three sittings. The rest of the catering facilities will follow the above mentioned ‘delivery’ system with QR orders and advance payment. The opening of food and drink facilities will be staggered during the first weeks of the season, and the COVID-19 protocol will be applied in all establishments throughout the winter, closing each day at 4.45 p.m.


Lockers and information

To avoid passing through ticket offices and for the convenience of the customer, we recommend the use of the BaqueiraPASS and the BaqueiraTICKET. 


The BaqueiraPASS will be integrated into the Baqueira app. By logging in, users will have their own exclusive area in the app throughout the season, making it easy to top up without having to go through ticket offices, whilst also providing additional benefits.

To avoid going through the resort's points of sale, the BaqueiraTICKET will be available at different pickup points throughout the Val d'Aran, Valls d'Àneu, hotels, restaurants, information offices, shops and points of interest. This is a non-nominal pass that can be topped up online with no limits, and is valid for the entire season. In order to facilitate the process and improve the experience, customers will be able to pick up the BaqueiraTICKET at the start of the season at the aforementioned points, and no longer have to worry about going to pick up the pass.


Capacity will be limited in public-facing facilities, with a marked route, gel and screens. Screens will also be placed outside with counters available. Credit card or contactless payments will be prioritised.


All the information on COVID-19 protocols can be found on the Baqueira website: https://www.baqueira.es/actualidad/covid19/ 


Start of the season

The start of the season is scheduled for the first week of December. The end of the season is expected for the first week of April — as long as the snow and health conditions allow it. Throughout autumn and winter, the resort continues to make the online reservation centre available to customers at www.viajes.baqueira.es, where customers can hire everything they need to enjoy the snow to the fullest, with the best price guaranteed.



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